Those almost holiday times

I’m sorry I have not posted in a while. It’s partly to blame on me being busy and partly on me being lazy. I probably don’t have any followers any more…
I got a tablet now so hopefully I will post more often. I got the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 and really enjoying it. Only one problem, whenever I copy text, it crashes the app I’m copying from. Hmmmm…..

Anyway, I all is good, but job is going well, still madly in love and getting fatter by the day. But I really can’t wait for the holidays. We are going down to Cape Town for MCQP and to visit my boyfriend’s mother and soek of my friends and then heading to Mossel Bay for Xmas and New years.

This working thing is exhausting, not that writing a thesis wasn’t, but this is different.

Anyway more later (I hope)

Those Finding Love on St. Patrick’s Day Times

It has been quite a few months since my last real update, so it is definitely time. In my last update I mentioned that I got a job at Wirsam Scientific, and I must say I am enjoying it very much, I am selling, installing, fixing and training people on Olympus microscopes, and also sell a variety of other lab equipment, I have also recently started to get involved in the sales of the Tescan Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) and sold my first R6 million SEM the other day. I have to most awesome boss, Ill call her Ms Du Bois (her character name at my Bday party). I also made some awesome friends at work.


But enough about work. I must say I adjusted quite quickly to JHB, but we all know I do not have a problem with adjusting to new environments. When I arrived here I stayed for about 4 weeks at Mr.Metro’s sister (OMJeans) and her “gay husband” (Allsta). The were the hosteses with the mosteses. I can’t thank them enough! After that I moved in with Mr.P. I stayed there for about 3 months (also can’t thank him enough for giving me a place to stay at a VERY decent price), before getting my own little place about 5 minutes from work. Its a little garden cottage in Westdene. I must say i have gotten very used to the traffic in this place and even though they would never think so, JHBers CAN NOT DRIVE. Oh that reminds me, I also had to get a new car since my little Opel decided that she is not happy with the change. So now I have a Ford Figo TDcI which I love!

Ok now for the most important part. I was not going to fall in love till I settled, or so I thought. I told myself that I will play the field for a bit. It is a new place and these are new fields to roam in. After moving in with Mr.P I was playing on Google+ and saw this guy I added about a year ago (gay+geek), actually also lives in the East Rand, so I decided to make contact. It was St. Patrick’s Day, so I decided to celebrate it like we did in Stellenbosch, so I found the closest Brazen Head and invited this boy to meet me there.

We had a really nice time. After brazen we decided that he should show me the gay club in Boksburg, Soho@BarCode. Now CT boys this is not the same as the BarCode we have in CT, it is an actual club. we had a really nice time there till late and then went home. Well after that we kinda hung out a lot, holding hands and kissing and stuff… In the end of April we went on a camping trip to the Drakensburg. There we made it official… Boyfriends.

This guy varies a little from my usual type, he is kinda skinny but still a bit muscular, not a cub at all. He is 35 and the sweetest guy in JHB. He likes cooking which suites me just fine and makes me coffee in bed. my friends also like him a lot. Since we live far from each other we mostly only see each other over the weekends and usually also on a Tuesday when we go for a movie. We like the same things and do almost everything together. strangely we have never had a fight. But I think that

is because we both know that communication is an important part of the relationship and we consider each other in the decisions we make. I really love him. I’m struggling to find a name for him for the blog. Hmmm… DeurmekaarSeun. Yea, I think that suits him.

More news… BOTH LADY GAGA and LINKIN PARK is coming to SA in November and yes I have tickets for both! DeurmekaarSeun gave me the tix for LP for my Bday. Wohoo!

I have made some awesome gay friends here. We call ourselves “The Oooh Eh Eh Sisterhood”. It really is an awesome group of people. Very supportive and close.


There will  be an update soon, I promise. It will contain details of life, love, up’s, down’s, new and old…

So be warned if might get rough.

Those farewells

So… Tonight was my farewell in Cape Town and being surrounded by people I really love and adore, and knowing I will have to leave them made me quite emotional. There were a few times that I had to really try hard not to shed some tears, and other times that I couldn’t stop my self from doing so, wiping them away in the dark. I know that I will make more friends and that these are just a phone call or a bbm away, but I will miss them. On our (not so final) goodbye a new friend from Stellenbosch, Patch, just said, “the places you will go, onthou net dit”. To all my friends that I will leave behind in the awesome Cape Town, know this… I love you, and don’t you dare forget me!!

Those Jobs

This is a quick update

I got a job working with Wirsam scientific, as a Rep for their microscope division. It is in Johannesburg though, but Mr.P has already offered me a place to stay till I get on my feet.

So happy!!!

More info later kids!

Those New Years Updates

Time for an update.

Lets start with MyCub, we are now friend as stated earlier, he disappeared for a while and popped up every now and again as his sparkling old self, so nothing really changed. I do miss him, but I also miss all my other friends. I’m also trying to set it up so Hag1 can hag him. He needs a good hag and she would be perfect. She is mature, but still lively and outgoing and I know she will look after him. We spoke a lot the last few days and I was very happy for that, needed it to know that he is okay with us being friends. I definitely do not want him out of my life. (I also did something stupid and awesome before leaving Stellenbosch, that I am keeping as a surprise for him, more on this later).

TheJew came for a vacation-week visit to Mossel Bay after Christmas. I loved it and I think he also liked it. He now met most of my crazy family and survived… We also discovered that we are like a married couple. We bicker, bitch and moan at each other when alone, act civilised then with people one of us don’t really know, do not have sex, and are not monogamous, all we need is the rings (I wonder if cockrings count…). It is his birthday today (or do the Jews call that something else? Hehe) so happy Brit Milah TheJew, oh wait that’s only in 8 days, so HAPPY Bday!

I am at this stage waiting for the results of my thesis, I will return to Stellenbosch for that (and Jool now called MAD2) at the end of the month. I also need to present my thesis to my department. I still haven’t started working on my presentation… Till then I am in Mossel Bay, living in the house and room I grew up in. I love being back, but now the Gautengers are leaving so the hot boys are becoming less and I miss the city. I also don’t really have internet, which is pissing me off! Telkom or rather Hellkom is taking a year!

With the little internet I have (TheMaternalUnit 3G stick) I am trying to find a job. So far there is nothing in Cape Town, but a few in Gauteng, though not very good one’s. I have a feeling that my Capetonian dream might not work out.

I have also decided to not try for any relationship till I have a job and are moved into a place. That may sound like a DUHHHH (insert Drawn Together DUHH face and sound) move, but after I found out what love might feel like, I would really like it again. After years of passively experiencing it via friends, movies and series, actually experiencing it first hand was amazing and I want it again, but this time, my situation must allow for it. Till then the shop to what is left of my heart is closed.

Ok that’s enough for today. More to come.

Happy 2012

Happy new year to all my friends, family, acquaintances and readers. May 2012 be full of adventure, love and success.

Those letters to MyCub

Dear MyCub

First of all, thank you for the awesome time the last 2 months. I know we weren’t boyfriends, but we were definitely more than friends. It was a sad day saying goodbye. It wasn’t a goodbye, because I would not see you again (because I will make sure I see you again), but a goodbye to the relationship that was. And it was a “hello” to a friendship based on a lot of love.

We will always have our memories, they will probably mean more to me than to you, but like you always say, everything we do, we do for ourselves in some way orr another. So I want to thank you for a few things:
Thank you for the late night chats on BBM. I hope we can still have that, even though you never have your phone on you (or even just on…).
Thank you for the late night cigarettes. The hour of distraction from my thesis and the support that gave me. I don’t think you will ever understand how much that meant to me.
Thank you for the kiss on that bridge in die laan. I know that as someone in the closet that took guts.
Thank you for the night you had coffee at my house. If was fantastic! ;-D
Thank you for the kiss in the library.
Thank you for going to see LinuxLady’s exhibition with me. I really enjoyed that.
Thank you for the flash drive full of weird and wonderful music and exposing me to your world, tot your thoughts and your feelings.
Thank you for making me so happy just to be with you that night we went for a pick nick in the park, that I cried. I know you liked that night too, because we only smoked 1 cigarette that night and held each other for what seemed like hours. Thank you for letting me feed you condensed milk soaked strawberries.
Thank you for making the time to come see me so that we could talk about the next step in our relationship. It gave me closure and helped me deal with this much better. I really hope you like your christmas and bday prezies. Hope it makes you think of me every now and again.
And lastly, thank you for showing me that I am able to love, able to feel eros, not just phillia. Yes I have grown to love you, and it is ok that you do not feel the same, you said that you really like me and that is good enough for me. You have opened my eyes to a whole new me, to a range of feelings that I have only felt in the people around me.
I will miss keeping an eye out for spots to make out where no one will see us. I will miss holding hands under the table. I will miss the feeling of my cheek on your hairy chest and the feeling of our beards ribbing together. But most of all I will miss your kiss.
You are a good guy, and will break many hearts. In my heart I will always hope that your heart will find mine far in the future and that we might end up together, but who know what the future brings.
I miss you a lot and will always be there for you, for anything! You mean a great deal to me and I hope that our friendship will grow stronger than ever.

Lots of love (pillia and eros)
Your queery
P.s. May orion always “point” the way.

Those thesis blues

I thought I should do a quick update.

My supervisor for my MSc thesis apparently did not know that I am moving to Mossel Bay end of November. I have to hand in my thesis to be sent to the external examiner on the 15th of Dec. I would have handed in my thesis for review by my Co-Supervisor on the 15th of November, but I am laging behind and thus the date was moved up to the 22nd. She then has 2 weeks to go though it and make suggestions. In that time I will be doing things like writing my abstracts (yes 2 of them, one in afrikaans and one in english), making sure my reference list is proper and, of coarse, MOVING TO MOSSEL BAY. Thing is I wanted to have a “going away party” on the 17th, since MyCub is leaving for home on the 18th-ish and that would be the last time I see him till well he comes and visits me in Mossel Bay over December (yes I got him to agree to come visit me :D ).

Speaking of MyCub. We have sort of figured out what our relationship is in so called straight terms. It’s a summer fling… kinda. We are more than friends and less than boyfriends. I must say that my timing really sux! He would have been a perfect boyfriend if he was 1-2 year older (no age doesn’t matter, but he is new to the scene and thus don’t want to and shouldn’t at this stage, be restrained by a long term relationship) and if I was still a student next year. Think back to when you were 19, coming out and how everything was new and exciting. One can’t expect someone like that to be stuck in a relationship.

Since I have so little time left with him, I have been trying to tap every moment with him. Though scared that I would scare him off or overwhelm him, I try to check every now and again with him if I am overwhelming him. I believe that the best relationships are built not only on trust but good communication. It’s weird but the thing we talk about mostly actually is music and that is one of the things we don’t have in common, our taste in music.

At the moment with the thesis dragging me under water, he is the only thing keeping me breathing. He is redonkey-ously bad with a phone though. He is an introvert so he can leave his phone in his room for a weekend and never check it. I chat to him 2-3 times a day on BBM. the rest of the time i send him “status updates”, like what I’m doing and thinking. He kinda likes it, I think… but there are those times I really want him to answer and he just doesn’t… like asking him to come and have lunch with me.

Anyway, I have a few things I still have to do with him before I leave Stellenbosch, the one it to get a kiss in Die Laan. It’s a Maties tradition that to be a Matie you have to 1) fail a subject (sleep ‘n vak), 2) an acorn needs to fall on your head (akker moet op jou kop val) and 3) you have to make out with someone in Die Laan (Soen in Die Laan).

Now all i need is #3 so this is a must. The rest I am not going to elaborate on here right now.

In other news. ThePianoMan has suddenly left the country for 3 months to sell tech in Sub-Saharan Africa… It was quite a surprise. I will thus only see him in Feb. I’m really gonna miss him!

Good news gang! I got a interview with a molecular diagnostics supply company for the position of product specialist. The company is based in Cape Town so please hold every finger on Monday that the interview goes well.

I really want a job in Cape Town and this seems like a really awesome one.

Let me get back to work….

Those it’s complicated statuses…

Lets start with how I have been. The sort answer can be given in one word. THESIS! I have been writing for months and feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere. It has to be handed to my co-supervisor by about the 11th of Nov, and then corrected sent to the external examiners by end of November.

The whole family will be leaving behind Stellenbosch, and moving back to Mossel Bay. Paternal Unit has contract work will about April, the Maternal Unit has recently heard of a job opening at her previous company, in her old department and TheBitch will need to find a job as a dominee. I will have to do the corrections on my thesis in January and my defence, thus will need to spend some time in Stellenbosch. Hopefully some of my friends here will help me out with a rug to lie my body on. From December I will also be trying to find a job, and hopefully in Cape Town, if possible, in Stellenbosch, though I need to get away from this place. I have been here 8 years.

My thesis is just keeping me really busy, I don’t really have time to even see my friends. And I really miss them! I try to make some time, but it’s really hard.

Ok now on to what you actually want to hear. ThePiano man is awesome. We went on the date and spoke for hours about all sorts of shit. I had a lot of fun. He is very cute, about as tall as I am, same age, and going a bald. I love his build… He has a scruffy look to him and is adorable. We then went to the place he was staying stayed up till like 4am, and I slept over. Had the best cuddles in age! we saw each other again a few times and later had the “where is this going?” talk. He just broke up a few months ago with a guy. They did not have the best of relationships but he did love him and they were together for something like 7 years. So he has a lot to deal with at this stage, and is not ready for a relationship. We are now becoming really good friends.

Well that did not stop me and neither will my thesis. I met this guy at a party, MyCub, but didn’t hook up right away. We started chatting on BBM for a while, at first all friendly and then later it got more… personal. He is 19, though very mature and looks older than he is. I can’t call him cute, but he is. He is this hot cub (but is not at all overweight) with a rugby 8th man build, but a bit smaller and a hairy chest. Longish dark hair and is a bit taller than I am. These perfect supple red lips on a cute skew smile and he is always barefoot. *queery wipes the drool of his face*

Anyway… so last night we went for a drink that turned into dinner that turned into me making out with him under Red light. IT WAS HOT! I think we said 3 times that we need to go and then started kissing again and forgot about time, we were standing in the same spot making out for about 1h30.

After taking him back to his Rez (yea rez…) I went to cool off at Benedetto’s be fore going home. Later when I was already in bed, he asked the “where is this going?” question. Kudos to him for that. We discussed it and since he is still closeted in res and and, and I don’t know what is going to happen after December, we decided to be friends. Though I am allowed to hold his hand, under the table, at mystics…

So yes, im still single and jobless and well, lets face it, horny (thesis writing increases testosterone levels…), but I’m making awesome friends.

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